Fire, Soot and Smoke….Oh My!

There is nothing worse than a house fire and with what seems like an overabundance of them in the last few months I figured this blog would come in handy for some. I hope you never need this however if you find yourself the victim of a fire here are some processes to assist you.. Even after the fire has been dealt with, there is the aftermath of the fire to deal with. Common problems include smoke, soot and cleaning up the water and the chemicals that were used by firefighters. The damage to your house shows on your burnt and blackened walls and ceiling.

In order to deal with the problems that occur after the fire has been put out, you need to know about two things – soot and odor from smoke. The following points could be quite helpful:

Soot and Charring

Soot is the residue left by burnt things after a fire. It contains a lot of carbon-based impurities and is mainly caused when the material doesn’t burn completely. The texture of soot is oil based because there are plastic things in every home and burning them leads to oily molecules getting released in the air.

After the fire, many things would be destroyed and replacement would be necessary. However, you can only find out about what to replace after you have cleaned everything up. It might seem like a tiresome task but it should be dealt as quickly as possible as procrastinating it would make matter worse.

You will need the following items:

  • Benefect Atomic Degreaser
  • Rubber gloves for cleaning
  • A Large sponge or the sponge used while washing your car. A lot of cleaning needs to be done, and the sponge should be large enough to soak up a lot of water in one go
  • 2 large buckets
  • Warm water
  • Goggles and a mask to protect eyes and face
  • Rags to clean

Cleaning Process

Use your shop vacuum to clean soot over the surface of things.

After you put on your gloves, use the sponge and soak it into the Benefect Atomic Degreaser. Work section-by-section, focusing on one segment and wall at a time.

First, wipe the surface of the wall or ceiling with the sponge and use hard and firm strokes. After that, dip the rags in clean warm water and rinse the ceiling and walls. Do the same with the other segments until everything has been cleaned properly.

The frequency of the above step may be more than one. It depends on the condition of the house after the fire and how much charring and soot buildup has occurred. You must be careful not to over-wash your ceilings and walls because seepage of water might occur into the drywall or baseboard.

This step is often followed by priming all the walls damaged by the fire and then adding a fresh coat of paint. There might be a lot of soot buildup in the AC filters, and they should be removed. All appliances should be thoroughly cleaned using a disinfectant I suggest our Benefect Disinfecting wipes. A fresh sealing layer needs to be applied on all the surfaces affected by the soot.

Odor from Smoke

After you enter a burnt house, you might smell something but there is no visible damage to account for the smell. That is smoke damage. Usually, people tend to hire professional fire damage restoration experts to deal with smoke odor. This is because the damage is at a molecular level and the solution is complicated that is best handled by experts.

What You Need to Kill the Odor

A simple deodorant or room freshener doesn’t have a smell strong enough to counteract the bad odor from smoke. To deal with smoke, something stronger has to be used to disable odor causing smoke molecules in the air. Below are some items that can help you kill the odor from smoke damage:

White Vinegar – White vinegar has a strong smell and can be used to wipe all affected surfaces. Furniture, walls, floors, and ceilings can all do with a quick cleaning by a rag dipped in white vinegar.

Baking Soda – It absorbs odors naturally and can be left in a bowl in every room. Also, you can sprinkle some over the pieces of furniture and other surfaces to counteract the odor.

Activated Charcoal – This is another natural odor absorber that can be left around the room in powdered form to deal with smoke odor.

Ozone Generators – These are used to deal with the bad odor caused by smoke but are pretty expensive.

Odor Reducing Fogs – Many professional companies deal with smoke odor using special fogs that kill the smell completely.

After your house gets cleaned, you need to make decisions and come up with a budget about what to replace and what to repair.


How to use disinfectants in the bathroom and kitchen

A disinfectant will be one of your domestic cleaning staples. As they help to keep your loved ones free from nasty infections and keep your hard surfaces looking clean, kitchen and bathroom disinfectants are used very frequently every house (in my house I feel more often as my kids are germ magnets!). Just what is the appropriate way to use these disinfectants, though? The correct application of a disinfectant will kill the largest proportion of bacteria, keeping everyone else at their healthiest and letting Mom have me time and not be disinfecting and clean in all her spare (hahahaha spare time really) time.

Kitchen Disinfectant

There are a number of areas that you should use disinfectant wipes on a regular basis in the kitchen.

  • As a good hygiene practice, food preparation surfaces should be cleaned on a daily basis. Table tops and kitchen counters can be wiped with Benefect disinfectant wipes and the plus side is they are not toxic so you can wipe and walk away. There is no need to wipe and rinse!. Clean the inside of your refrigerator and storage cupboards, too –Chopping boards and breadboards must also be disinfected frequently. The best approach with cutting boards maybe to use our Benefect disinfectant spray as you can let it sit on the board and absorb in! Your sink will come into a lot of contact with plates, cutlery, and the food you eat, so it is vital that you disinfect it thoroughly. In addition to washing out and disinfecting the surface, consider drying out your sink with a towel after using it – damp conditions accelerate bacterial growth. The benefits of the Benefect Disinfectant wipes are that they are use and toss, meaning they are not spreading more germs you have just cleaned up!
  • Not only is your rubbish bin going to harbour a lot of germs, it will start to smell if left dirty for a long time. Every couple of weeks you should clean the bin out, disinfect it using the Benefect Disinfectant wipes, and apply a deodoriser to get rid of the nasty smells.
  • Finally, wipe down the tables and chairs before serving up meals – not just after they get dirty.

The Best Way to Disinfect the Bathroom

The bathroom should be disinfected using the same principles you applied to cleaning the kitchen.

  • Be sure to disinfect areas where a lot of bacteria are likely to build up – like the toilet bowl, the toilet pedestal and under the sink taps.
  • Clean and disinfect the surfaces that are the most frequently touched – the door handles, the sink, and the toilet roll holder.
  • Don’t forget about the areas that remain damp or wet for extended periods of time – use disinfectants on the bath, shower, and sink.

6 Things That Must Be Cleaned Before Bringing A New Baby Home

Everywhere I turn my friends are bring home new babies! I figured that since I blog about cleaning (this is an area I have yet to blog about) AND…we just released the Benefect Disinfectant Wipes it was meant to be! Bringing a newborn into the home is such an exciting time, but before you come home with your baby, the home will need to be prepared accordingly. The home should be thoroughly cleaned before bringing the baby home. They are so small and new that nearly anything can hurt them or affect their immune system during this fragile time in their life.


  1. Always make sure that the floors are clean. If you have carpet, the carpet should be steam cleaned prior to the baby’s arrival. The floor should always be swept and there shouldn’t be any small fabric strands or choking hazards on the floor.
  2. Everything should be dusted. Get rid of all dust so that the baby isn’t exposed to such allergens.
  3. Clean the kitchen. The kitchen is where a lot of the preparation for the baby will happen. Bottles, breast milk, and formula will all be prepared in the kitchen so it’s best to have it spic and span. What a better and faster way to do this than with Benefect Disinfectant Wipes!
  4. Have the nursery spotless and dust free.
  5. Make sure all linens are washed.
  6. Disinfect the home. Wipe everything you can down with the Benefect Disinfectant Wipes. Trash cans are a huge one! You touch the lid and then not thinking touch the baby or a baby bottles etc. Our wipes are use and toss also so this means that you are not going to spread those germs by using the same cloth somewhere else! Remember to disinfectant that crib at least once a month!


Having a clean home is extremely important when you bring a baby back. They are so new to the world that they can easily get sick and form allergies. They also quickly begin putting random objects into their mouths.

Protect your new baby from clutter and dirt. Although they will build immunity to the things around them rather quickly, they are still as new as can be and some things can be very harmful to them. Clean your home or hire a cleaner to come in before the baby is born. When you bring them back, the house should be ready to welcome them, and hey Aunties love to cuddle the new babies while you’re doing the disinfecting!


Spring out the Cleaner for your Kids Outside Play Toys

While cleaning and maintaining outdoor accessories is aesthetically important, doing a thorough cleaning and check of your children’s toys can help ensure their safety, as well as enhance your curb appeal. How can us Moms let the kids play in the back yard and have a minute of Sanity if we are worried about the outdoor toys! Keep them Clean Mom’s, here is a few easy reminders how to do so…. 

At the start of summer, give all your children’s play equipment a thorough safety check as you clean. Check that nuts and bolts are still tight; look for fraying in ropes and rot in wooden seats and climbing frames. Pull on the bars of climbing frames (jungle gyms) to make sure that they are firm. 

Use a Benefect Disinfectant wipe to get off bird droppings. Make up a bucket of warm water using Benefect Multi- Purpose Cleaner and clean all metal, plastic, and wood surfaces. Use a sponge for large areas, but be ready to follow up with a bristle brush to get out ingrained dirt. Rinse, and then dry thoroughly. Consider adding a light lubricant such as WD-40 to moving parts. 

Plastic playhouses are likely to have suffered greatly, especially if left outside to weather the winter. Use a Benefect Atomic Cleaner to take away the griminess. Use that Elbow Muscle for best results. 

Each day, before your children get busy, you’ll want to give play surfaces a quick check. Be ready with an old towel to mop up any water on trampolines and seats. You also need a Benefect Disinfectant wipe handy to remove bird droppings from areas children may sit on or hold onto. 

Sandpits can’t be cleaned once the sand is in! So always choose the type that has a lid that covers the sand and be vigilant about putting it on at the end of each session. No need to have an oversized kitty litter box in your back yard!


The Pea Princess’ Guide to Mattress Care

Whether heaped with pillows or minimally spare, keep beds, mattresses and bedding in top shape with these easy-care tips.

The Pea Princess’ Guide to Mattress Care While the fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea” was meant to show the delicacy of the true princess, in reality, it showed up her future mother-in-law’s housekeeping habits. Keep your castle’s bedding in top shape with these tips for mattress care:

Frame it right. Just as our bodies need the support of a good mattress, so mattresses need a proper place to rest. Purchase mattress and box springs as a set to make sure that the two pieces will work together harmoniously. Check the bed frame; larger mattress sizes — queen- or king-sized beds — require center support or full-width slats to span the wider width.

Take a seasonal spin. Unless the manufacturer advises otherwise, rotate mattresses from heel to toe when the seasons change. To rotate, revolve the end of the mattress nearest the headboard toward the foot of the bed, then nudge the mattress back into place on the box springs. Rotating mattresses helps prevent the formation of sleeping “wallows,” caused by the same body in the same spot every night.

Flip it. Some mattresses should also be flipped when the seasons change. While pillow-top mattresses should not be flipped, other mattresses wear more evenly when the bottom surface nearest the box spring is flipped over to the top of the bed during a seasonal rotation. Check with your manufacturer for specific recommendations for your model.

Ban bouncing. Kids enjoy bouncing on the bed, but the poor mattresses loathe the practice. Discourage these child gymnasts. Jumping on beds can damage mattresses and box springs, and fracture bed frames.

Use protection. Sweet dreams are the goal, but accidents happen. Protect mattresses from messy mishaps with mattress pads. They’ll absorb moisture and spills before they soak through to the mattress.

Suck it up. Regular vacuuming will keep mattresses clean and fresh. Remove all bedding from the mattress, and then use the upholstery brush to vacuum the top surface and sides of the mattress. Vacuuming removes dust, skin flakes and the dust mites that feed upon body waste. Vacuum mattresses thoroughly when rotating them seasonally.

Clean stains safely. If a stain does occur, use Benefect Carpet Cleaner to remove it.. Leave the mattress exposed until it is thoroughly dry before replacing the bedding.

Controlling Allergens in the Bedroom Carpet, window treatments and mattresses collect dust and dander and provide a happy playground for dust mites. Found anywhere there are humans, humidity and higher temperatures, dust mites are a major cause of allergic symptoms in the home. More correctly, it’s their feces and dead body parts that cause allergic reactions — and their food source is us! Dust mites feed on discarded skin flakes, making bedding and bedrooms prime dust-mite real estate. We disinfect our bedroom once a week to keep this issue under control! Benefect Disinfectant works wonders and is easy to use. Just give everything in the room a spray down and walk away!

Cover mattresses. Use vinyl covers designed to form a barrier between mites and the mattress.

Replace down products. Pillows, comforters and other items should be made from synthetic fibers. Encase pillows in vinyl covers for added protection.

Clean well and often. Regular cleaning is the best defense against allergens and dust mites.

Send Duff to other quarters. Bed down household pets in an area outside the bedroom if allergies are a problem. Pet dander is an allergen for many, and pets shed fur and skin cells, too, promoting dust mite populations. Banish Duff from the bedroom at night, and make it up to him with extra walkies in the morning — after a good night’s sleep.

Keep humidity levels low. Dust mites die back when there’s insufficient moisture in the air. In humid climates, use a portable or whole-house dehumidifier to reduce in-house humidity levels to between 30 percent and 50 percent.

Keep cool. Mites thrive in warm weather, so keep household temperatures lower in the bedroom.

Fight back with spring cleaning. Because mites grow best in warm, humid weather, take advantage of early spring to clean the house. Vacuuming and dusting will remove the mites who’ve wintered over before they can run riot in spring.

Kiss Teddy goodbye. Stuffed toys are a comfort for children of all ages, but harbor dust mites just as mattresses do. Replace the teddy bear with a plastic model for a healthier night’s sleep.

Wash bedding often, in hot water. Temperatures of 130 degrees F are required to kill mites; mites can survive cold water washing. Wash sheets and pillowcases weekly, and give pillows, comforters and blankets a trip to the washer every month to six weeks.

Pitch the houseplants. They are lovely to look at, but plants bring pollen, insects, dust and microbes into the bedroom. For best rest, restrict them to other rooms.


Row Row Row Your Boat….

A fishing boat covets a great deal of pride and joy for its owner. Not only does it hold the greatest investment in this sport we enjoy, but it also becomes our “floating office” each time we step in and push away from the dock.

Caring for and cleaning your boat not only adds value to your purchase by protection and restoration, but can also stop the spread of invasive species, which can be serious business. But, if you’re like me — a clean boat just gives you that happy feeling when out casting a line.

Periodic cleanings from top to bottom will help keep your craft in tip-top shape — here is some advice to keep the job fun and simple.

Clean the Carpet of Your Boat

The carpet of your boat is prone to the most abuse possible. Not only do we drag our dirty feet on it, but also drip fish slime, spill salted plastics and scent, and of course, the odd beverage or two.

Use a power washer or garden hose to spray down the entire carpeted surface, working from the bow to the stern. This will lift up the dirt and grime from the fibres. Use our Benefect Carpet Cleaner and a hard bristles push broom working the carpet cleaner in deep. Once again use that power washer and clear away the carpet cleaner!

If you own a wet/dry vac, suctioning the dirt and water up can be done right away. If a conventional vacuum is to be used, allow the carpet to dry thoroughly before going to work on it.

A clean Livewell is a Happy Livewell! Your livewells can be a breeding ground for bad smells and even worse stains. Routinely cleaning these holding tanks will make for a better experience for the fish, as well as the owner.

It is imperative when cleaning out livewells that a non-toxic product is used. Strong detergents, bleach or other chemicals can have a detrimental effect on the fish you place in here, which can come full circle if you intend to eat your quarry. Before starting the process, remove the filter screens, both from the livewell and the intake. A blast of clean water will usually free these from any clogs or deposits.

For the livewell interior, Benefect Disinfectant works wonders for alleviating smells and cleaning those scum lines. I like to use a coarse scrubbing pad to work the bottom, sides and top. Flush out with clean water numerous times, ensuring that all residues and disinfectant has passed through the system, before hitting the lake.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Boat Bilges

The bilge area can certainly take the title for concealing some of the grimiest dirt, sludge and oil residue. We use the Benefect Atomic to get a nice clean finish.

Boat Consoles

When dealing with plastic and glass in and around the boat console area, Benefect Multi-Purpose cleaner will do the trick. I like to use a partially wet, soft sponge for the initial rub down, and then finish the job with a dry cloth.

Be careful!! Wiping in a circular motion on electronic screens can leave grit marks or fine scratches, so pay close attention to work the cloth in one side-to-side direction only.

The Boat Hull  

The hull of your boat takes on a lot of abuse, mostly from the sun and water. Stains and discolorations are a fact of life for anglers, but can be remedied with a few simple steps. Not only will your boat look like a million bucks after a good wash, it will also improve its handling performance and fuel efficiency. (Bonus points to consider with today’s high cost of gasoline.)

Regardless of the type of coating your boat has, a thorough cleaning is the first step. Working a power washer over the entire hull, paying close attention to every nook and cranny, will clean away surface dirt while preparing the hull. While the boat is still wet, a commercial boat cleaner should be applied with a sponge or soft scrub brush. There are a myriad of products on the market for this purpose, but any that are specifically designed for boats and of a good quality should do.

Outboard Boat Engines  

Your engine can get grimy from oil residue and watermarks. Spray down the outside of the motor with the power washer or hose, then give it a good cleaning with Benefect Multi Purpose Cleaner. For tough spots, Benefect Atmoic will get the job done. Spray on and use a soft bristled brush or coarse sponge. Thoroughly rinse the unit after using, and wipe dry with a soft towel.


Now fill that Cooler….drop the Boat in the water and cast that line!


Celebrate Earth Day April 22, 2017

Just in case you’re scratching your head wondering what to do this Earth Day, we’ve rounded up a list of 5 of our favorite eco-activities that will help remind you why you love living on this planet so much. In honor of the movement’s political history, which dates all the way back to 1970, we’ve included suggestions that promote a little extra earth-loving care as well as a renewed sense of connection to this beautiful place we call home. Although we believe that every day should be Earth Day, we hope you will join millions of people across the globe on April 22nd to do at least one thing that will make our planet a better place to live.

1. Take a Hike

There is no better way to get back in touch with the Earth’s rhythms than to actually go outdoors and experience its many wonders. This Earth Day, why not take a hike or go for a bike ride? Maybe even go kayaking? The point is, get outdoors, breathe the air, feel the sun on your cheeks and absorb some vitamin D. Even if you live in the city and don’t have easy access to a lot of green space, you’d be amazed how even spending a short amount of time in an urban park will rejuvenate your soul.

2. Do a Home Energy Audit

Not everyone has their own home, but if you do, nothing tells the planet “I love you” more than a home energy audit. Since most of the world is still powered by fossil fuels, that means your home is too, and if energy is pouring out of it because of poor construction, you are inadvertently releasing unnecessary greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. Don’t feel guilty about it because it’s not your fault, but you can make a difference by calling up a certified auditing company to audit your home. They will tell you exactly what steps you need to take in order to tighten up your energy efficiency, like sealing windows and unplugging appliances.

3. Clean Out Your Closet and Donate to a Charity

It may not always be so obvious, but manufacturing new clothing requires both energy and water, and there are many people who don’t have money to buy their own. So this Earth Day, why not clean out your overstuffed closet and then donate those t-shirts and shorts you haven’t worn in years to a local charity. Not only will this make you feel good about lightening your load, but the people who receive your lightly used clothing will so thankful you’ll wonder if it’s Christmas and not Earth Day!

4. Plant a Tree

It might sound like a bit of a cliché, but planting trees is by far one of the most important gifts we can give back to the planet and to ourselves. Global warming is caused by a buildup of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere (such as carbon dioxide and methane), which traps heat on the planet. But trees have the ability to suck up carbon dioxide, which is why the Amazon and other forests are so important. If every person on the planet plants one tree, that amounts to nearly 7 billion new carbon sponges. You can plant a tree in your own backyard, or join a group.

5. Throw a Green Party

We forget sometimes that life is something that is worth celebrating. The very fact that we exist is one of the greatest miracles imaginable, so why not use this day as the perfect opportunity to hang out with your favorite green mates. Pull out the biodegradable silverware, or buck up and use your own, brew some organic beer, cook some good wholesome food, and spend time with the ones you love. Being part of a community is one of the most important aspects of eco-conscious living that not only benefits the planet, but you as well. Make sure to use Benefect Multi Purpose Cleaner for the clean up! Stay Green with our  cleaning supplies!


New to Naturally Healthy Clean! Disinfectant Wipes!

Hey you, yes you! Have you heard the wonderful, amazing, fantastic news? Naturally Healthy Clean decided that you needed more time, less hassle and more pressing of the easy button! We are now offering Benefect Disinfectant Wipes……

Spill on the counter…no problem…and no time getting out the cleaning products you now have a wipe!

Kid Sneezed all over the door handle….no problem…and no time getting out the cleaning products you now have a wipe!

House full of Sick People….no problem cause you are Super Mom and our Benefect Disinfectant wipes are your partner in grim!

Check out our website at to see all the wonderful facts about these wipes and place your order while our Earth Day Sale gives you $10.00 off!

6 Ways To Keep Your Car Clean Through Winter

Given how briefly cars tend to stay clean in winter, many people don’t bother washing their cars at all this time of year. However, thanks to all the grit, salt and grime on the roads, it’s more important to keep your car clean now than it is at any other season…

1. Replace carpet with rubber

Many car owners also replace carpet floor mats with rubber floor mats over top of a thick towel to avoid getting slushy, salty water on the carpet. Not only will the salt cause unsightly stains on the carpet, but the salty water will soak through and rust and corrode the floor of the car. This is especially important on the driver’s side since it is the most used. If by chance you have not replaced your carpet floor mats and they have salt stains you can use our use Benefect Carpet Cleaning to help those nasty spots vanish.

Also, it’s a good idea to switch to steel or alloy wheels for the winter, and put winter or snow tires on your vehicle, which can also benefit from a spray on protectant treatment. Preseason preparation of the vehicle can be done at home or by a professional detailing service center.

2. Where to park

Parking the vehicle in a heated garage may seem like a smart preventative measure. However, there’s also the frozen salty slush melting to consider, since the moisture will react with the salt thereby speeding up corrosion. Vehicles that are parked outside do have the disadvantage of being exposed to the elements, but the ice, snow and salty slush is more likely to stay frozen, which slows down the corrosive nature of the salt. So there are pros and cons to both parking a vehicle inside a garage or left outside.

3. Frequent washing

Throughout the winter, it’s a good idea to wash your vehicle every 10 days. It’s best to wash the vehicle on days when the temperature is 40 degrees or more, and it’s preferable to do so during the daylight hours so there’s ample time for the vehicle to dry before the evening temperature drops.

Whether washing the vehicle at home or at a car wash, use fresh water and a high-pressure hose. If washing at home, use the Benefect Multi- Purpose Cleaner and add baking soda to the wash water in the winter to help dissolve dried salt on the vehicle’s surface. Warm water with the Benefect Multi Purpose Cleaner and Baking Soda with a sponge or wash-mitt can be used.

Shop rags can contain bits of metal, so these are not a good choice since the vehicle surface may get scratched. Be sure to wash behind the mud flaps, under the door handles and in all cracks and crevices of your car or truck.

The undercarriage should get particular attention, especially in hard to reach areas where salt buildup can occur.

4. Dry thoroughly

Once the vehicle has been washed and rinsed, it’s important to thoroughly dry the vehicle during the winter. This includes leaving the doors open so that any trapped wash water can dry out and moisture won’t pool.

When the vehicle is completely dry. re-wax and seal all surfaces including vinyl and rubber on the exterior. It can be helpful to warm the rag used to apply the wax since it will help it to adhere to the cold metal surface more easily.

A hair dryer can also be used to warm the metal to make the application of wax more effective.

5. Practice safe driving

When driving, try to avoid driving through very deep snow, which can become packed into the undercarriage and expose the metal to salt. Driving through salty puddles of water and slush should also be avoided if possible.

Driving on snowy roads during winter can be challenging but the application of sand and salt on icy roads can go a long way towards making travel safer. The importance of road safety outweighs the unfortunate downside to salt’s corrosive nature on vehicles. By following a regular routine of maintenance and prevention, the damaging effects of salt can be avoided. When the weather breaks, your vehicle may benefit from a full auto detail by a professional.

6. Don’t Forget the Inside

Grabbing the garbage out of the car is not inside cleaning! The inside of our car needs to be disinfected up to every 4 weeks to stop the spread of germs and keep it fresh. Use our Benefect Disinfectant to vanish those germs. Kids are germ spreaders and although we think we have taught them to sneeze in their shirt arm they at times sneeze on their hands and wipe it on the seats or door. No wonder this flu and cold are never ending! I use Benefect Carpet Cleaner to make sure that my seats are clean of germs and then give it a spray down with Benefect Disinfectant for extra precautions.